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About Us

Are you really reading this text?

About me

What always comes first are people. Creating a good environment where it is nice to collaborate isn’t done by buying a ping-pong table, but by having friendly and motivated people around you. This is one of the greatest lessons I learned throughout the years at different companies.

Being friendly and motivated rubs off to people around. That is why I strive to act on this. The knowledge and skills come after that. Leadership means setting a good example and the rest will follow.

On a personal level I like to think that I am a person that can bring humour and fun in the workplace and am someone who people can confide in. My energy rises when someone wants to learn and I can provide guidance to help someone grow.

My private time I love being outdoor riding my moped or motorcycle, hitting the slopes with my snowboard or ski’s, sailing the waves with the family sailing boat or submerge for some scuba diving. When the cold stay at home days come I am improving our home with (maybe too much of 🙂 ) home automation to create the Smarthome of future.

About SeCloudIT

In the world of IT, manual work is a necessity in a lot of cases. But only where already automated workloads fails or are simply is not yet created.
For SeCloudIT repetitive work is a sin, as this decreases the possibility to grow and flourish as a company or team.

Combining years of experience and the ability to zoom in and out on the solutions SeCloudIT can provide, you can be ensured of secure, reliable operations and projects with perspective.

Don’t miss out on an opportunity with SeCloudIT Solutions!
Not convinced?

Analytic Insights

It’s never about yesterday or even today. It’s about tomorrow and what will come. After understanding your usecases, SeCloudIT Solution can help you translate in what is required for tomorrow.

Quick Learning

Just like every customer; your environment is special and different. Different tooling, different infrastructure and different applications. No matter what you have operational, you can be ensured that our skills will adjust to your setup and needs quick!

Highly Skilled

A wide portfolio of knowledge with different brands and products, provides a high adaptability to what you require. Products that are already in the stack of SeCloudIT Solutions will help you with in-depth knowledge to reach you goals.