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Security and

A promise that not many can make but many more can acknowledge.


Private Contractor who is exclusive to you and always aiming for secure implementations and advising where improvements can be made.

Cloud IT

Nobody else who want to finish your DevOps Cloud project more that SeCloudIT Solutions. No matter if it’s Public or Private Cloud.


In IT nothing is impossible and everything is possible. From advice to solution, you decide how you want it and we will help you achieve it.

Automation is key

If you got a choice to – do things over and over – or – to improve and learn; use IT to improve the quality of your processes!

Always the right direction

Our belief is that there is never a wrong turn. Success can only exist when there are points where we can learn from. Anything is never faulty, everything can be improved as long as we keep following the path to success.

Make bridges anytime, anywhere

To understand each others needs, we need to understand each others in general. SeCloudIT can help you create bridges that last long by understanding the foundation of your business challenges.

Up for grabs

..skills in:

  • Ansible
  • Azure Devops
  • Powershell
  • Networking (Cisco, Fortinet, Unifi, WireShark)
  • GIT
  • VMWare
  • ..and much more!

..knowledge about:

  • Microsoft (Windows, SQL,
  • Linux (RedHat/CentOS, Ubuntu)
  • Security (IAM, CIS, AD)
  • Automation tools (StoneBranch UAC, Rundeck)
  • ..and much more!

Let’s work together!

If you want to find out more or simply…